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A streaming media and baseball geek rejoices

At midnight last night, Roku and MLB publicly announced that baseball fans who have a MLB.TV Premium account can now stream live and on-demand games to the Roku. For those in the Roku developer program, the MLB.TV app showed up a few weeks ago and we’ve all been eagerly awaiting to try it out. My Roku unit got the upgrade a few hours before it went live (thanks Roku!) and I got to spend a few hours testing out the interface and studying the video quality.

I was fortunate enough to win a Roku box at last year’s Streaming Media West show (I even got the box signed by Roku founder Anthony Wood. Like I said, I’m a geek). I’ve loved the thing from the beginning when all it could do was stream Netflix. It’s a drop-dead steal for $99. Now, with Amazon Unboxed and now MLB.TV, it’s really coming into its own.

What I especially like is that this is a great big “screw-you-very-much-Insight-cable.” They carried MLB Extra Innings a few years ago, but dropped it. Now I have a better service (because you can pick home or away feeds) that I can use on my main display, and not pay you a single dime for it (we use Zoomtown DSL).

It took all of 10 minutes to get signed up (including getting a forgotton MLB.TV password reset). A quick look at last nights Astros-Marlin’s game confirmed Dan Rayburn’s evaluation of the quality:  it’s really good.

I’ve been “doing” streaming media since January 1999. This has always been one of the promises of the technology. It’s really cool to see it done right.

I can hardly wait to see what they do next.