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It’s the simple things that make me happy

The babies on our back porch. Mama hates it when we’re out there. We’ll care when she pays rent. And we don’t stay out there long.

They kind of remind me of the sandworms in Dune.

And the office is cleaned out

Now if I could take it straight over to my new office, that would rock.

I’ll miss these guys

Sums up what I went through here better than anything else.
Four more days.

The old ballgame II

I love these seats. Damned expensive, but they spoil you.

Where our baseball loyalties lie

This is the brick Carla and I bought outside Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds. For those who aren’t fluent in either Latin or Cubs lore, it can be roughly translated as “Go Astros, Go Cubs.”

At the old ballgame

The bar in the way is mitigated by the bar a few feet behind me. We sprang for club seats. Go Cubbies!