Today I’m judging in the U.S. Open Beer Championships. I’m not going to link to the competition because this post is completely tangential to the competition itself . I have a political intent here, but the competition is apolitical. I don’t know — or care — the political leanings of the judges. Hell. Many are Canadian.

Let me stress again: there are no politics here. The judging is blind. If “Kill the Libtard” beer from MAGA Brewing was good, we’d judge it as such and they’d win if they were the best. Yeast, malt, hops, and water don’t care.

So we’ve judged somewhere somewhere between 75 and 100 beers. In any given round (5-18 beers) we pick three. Some have been excellent. Some merely existed. Not all should have. But in most cases you could get a sense of what the brewers meant to do. You don’t drink lots. You stretch an ounce out across multiple comparisons in a round.

You dump beer. It’s expected and necessary. Good or bad you seldom finish one because another category is coming.

This is our dump bucket from the Kölsch category. It encompasses the entire range of beer in the category. If incrementalism and moderation and splitting the difference made sense, this would be the best beer in the world.

I assure you. It is not.

Progressive lefties are mocked by the right because their stereotype is that somehow we believe everything is OK and we’re supposed to accept anything because everything is OK.

That’s not true. And you’re welcome to this beer if you peddle that line.