A better kind of funk

I’m actually doing a good bit better today. The downside is that I need to spend some time getting some writing done that I’d promised before the happy part of my brain went on walkabout. So here’s more funk, but the good kind.


It appears I have a sprained right wrist with a sprained middle finger as an added bonus. Nothing to say worth reading.  Here’s a nice picture of Dunkel.


Therapy — Not that WordPress helped at all.

So my plan was to write a blog post about how I’m doing better. After I posted yesterday’s entry. It was going to be a nice post that talked about how I got to do something yesterday that I’d always wanted to do. And it was completely unexpected. When I posted yesterday’s entry I was at Cincinnati State because we’re a one-car family until this weekend and I needed to take Carla into work. For whatever reason traffic was hell leaving, so we came home via the Anderson Ferry. I always love taking the ferry, but they were running the little ferry yesterday.  It’s called Boone No. 7 and I’ve wanted to ride it for years.  It’s old and it doesn’t carry that many cars, so I figured there was no chance.  They typically have two modern ferries running, but for whatever reason they were running Boone No. 7 yesterday. Maybe the other modern ferry is down for maintenance or something.  Anyway, it timed out right and we got to ride the old one.  It was cool. If WordPress doesn’t completely botch it, this is a picture:



Today I smoked a small underblade chuck roast. I want to make sure I have my SmoBoT mojo down for a brisket I want to do soon. I do.


So every thing is cool, right? Nope. Because any gains made today have been completely erased because WordPress pushed out an update that has apparently completely hosed my ability to do a post via iOS using images. This post? I’ve been working on it for more than two hours.

I need to avoid frustration when this is going on. Thanks WordPress. You completely fucked that up. I got a post up today despite you. I’m just going to hit ‘publish’ and hope something happens.

UPDATE FOR NERDS: I had to increase the max_execution_time in php.ini to 120 (from 30). Don’t know if the issue has to do with the WP4.5 update or something that changed on my hosting side.  Either way it’s fixed now.


The best thing for me at the moment is to not think too much. There may not be a lot of evidence that what I write actually requires thought, but there is some. I don’t know how long this is going to last. I never do. I could get up tomorrow and everything could be peachy. There’s just no way to know.

So no apologies for a short post. It’s the best way to go now.

I’ve mentioned before that I know things are getting bad when nearly everything that happens frustrates me. This cartoon sums up a lot of how I’m feeling about the election. I just want to get through the KY primary and vote for Bernie. Then I really could’t give a crap what happens. There isn’t an option I like. It’s just bad and worse.

Just trying not to think too much about it.  Or anything, really.

No energy

I'm way too tense. I need to learn to relax.
I’m way too tense. I need to learn to relax.

Don’t feel like writing.
Carla is sore but OK.
It’s been a long day.

Uninsured driver,
it should come as no surprise.
Who else causes wrecks?

But that’s how it is.
Nothing you can do really.
The world keeps spinning.

Conversations you don’t want to have

“Don’t get upset. I’m OK,” she said, “I’ve been in a car accident.”

“Where are you?”

She tells me. Central Parkway, Idiot driving too fast loses control and smacks into her. Spins her around. Side airbag deploys. EMTs check her out. She’ll probably have a bruise from the seatbelt. She couldn’t open the driver’s side door.

I drive down to the District 1 Police Station to get her. A Sergeant helped her get some stuff out of the back and drove her down. I circle the block once before I see her.

Home. I’d had dinner already cooked. We eat. Mia is on her lap. Dunkel is on the back of the couch watching over her. We’re waiting for a call from the Sergeant to give us some information. The insurance dance begins in the morning.

She’s OK. In the end that’s all that matters.


Carla’s home

The reality is that I don’t do very well when Carla is gone. She’s been gone since Saturday dealing with some issues related to her dad’s health. The good news. — the second best news, really — is that he’s doing well and all the pieces are in place for him to continue to do well. The things that have have caused the problems all year now have a name and it’s something that can be handled. He’s dad again. That’s very, very cool.

I’m going to be selfish and say that the best news is that Carla was able to come home today. As I said, I don’t do very well when she’s gone. If I’ve seen you since Saturday?  Thanks.  I owe you. You’ll never know how much I needed it.

If there is one thing I won’t trade from the last few days is that Mia and I have officially bonded. She’s not afraid of me anymore. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

I’ve tried to always post a picture with my posts. I can’t think of anything that can illustrate my joy. I’m not going to try. My words are going to have to be enough,

Carla’s home. There is nothing better.

The first day of April

Click to read the post over on Hoperatives.

So I changed my mind and did a Hoperatives April Fool’s post  after all. It’s not the usual one, but I worked on it pretty hard this morning and I think it came out pretty good. I could have easily done this same post in a non-beer mode. People have always been grumpy about April Fool’s Day, but it seems worse this year. My theory is reality has gotten too weird to handle satire. How does one write satire nowadays? What idea or event is beyond imagining?

Odds & Ends & Thingamajigs

One of the ways I’ve learned to cope with things when life starts pressing down is to disconnect a bit. Keep busy. Try not to think too much. It’s great for getting stuff done around the house. I baked bread today. Actual sesame seed sandwich buns. I’m a little ahead on my Apple Watch’s move budget.  I’ve done a whole lot of little things that required as little thought as possible. I don’t have ADD, but on days like today it’s fun to give myself permission to have the attention span of a gnat. No focus means no focusing on stuff that will drag me down. When I’m like this everything drags me down. So do nothing long enough to be a problem.  Brilliant!

That’s all fine and good, but it makes writing a daily blog post a bit tough. The idea is to write something that makes sense, then stop. The point of the exercise is … Well … Mental exercise. Writing in your own voice becomes easier the more you do it. So I’m writing this post because I said I would. Sure, I managed to not actually post something on January 31 for no other reason than I through I’d already done it. I’m pretending I didn’t do that because what, someone’s going to sue me?

In the spirit of my day I give you things I’ve throught about as possible topics for blog posts:

  • How the hell is “Gamergate” still a thing? I grew up in the 1970s when personal ads were a big deal. Whenever I see someone bitching and moaning about “SJWs” I can’t help but to read it as “Single Jewish Woman.” It’s surprising how little difference that substitution makes.  The whole “controversy” over who should be “allowed” to speak for “gamers” is insane. I thought beer people could be assholes sometimes. We got nothing on gamers.
  • No April Fool’s Hoperatives post this year. The beer world has gotten too stupid for satire. Which is a shame because I was wondering what Anton Spargewater was going to be up to this year. He’s the character I use every year. Sleep well, Anton. Maybe next year.
  • I’m writing most of these things on my iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. I don’t use the WordPress app because it bit me bad last week. I’m just writing via the web interface.  I like it, but I hate that I can’t use ellipses in the middle of a sentence. I could turn auto-capitalization off, but I don’t want to.
  • I still have to come up with a picture for this post. Sounds like a job for a cat.