Another damned haiku


Considered skipping,

but that made no sense really.

This is just a lull.


Another damned haiku


Damn near forgot this.

I remembered just in time.

Haikus for the win.


Another damned haiku

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Sooner or later
I will write a real blog post.
Today is not it.


Another damned haiku Just stuff Life Porter

No energy

I'm way too tense. I need to learn to relax.
I’m way too tense. I need to learn to relax.

Don’t feel like writing.
Carla is sore but OK.
It’s been a long day.

Uninsured driver,
it should come as no surprise.
Who else causes wrecks?

But that’s how it is.
Nothing you can do really.
The world keeps spinning.

Another damned haiku It's Not Art Nothing in Particular

11 PM and I got nothing

img_0509Carla’s out of town.
I’m binge-watching Daredevil.
Netflix and ennui.

He doesn’t kill crooks.
Traumatic Brain Injuries?
That’s OK, I guess.

A neurologist,
hell, more than one I’d reckon,
plans to buy a boat.

“This guy’s great for us,”
they cry as folks get brought in.
“Keep them coming, dude!”

“Thug insurance sucks,”
The accountants cry as one.
“No one’s getting paid!”

There is much wailing.
But none from the thuggish ones.
They mostly just drool.

In that they’re like us,
the serial binge-watcher.
Eyes fixed and staring.


Ales & Astros Another damned haiku Cats Dunkel Mia Porter Travel

Ales & Astros: Day 9

Another haiku.
I still don’t like Atlanta.
The cats tomorrow!

Another damned haiku Nothing in Particular

Yep. Another one

img_0509Editing all day.
Now I need to get a beer.
Another haiku.