Therapy — Not that WordPress helped at all.

So my plan was to write a blog post about how I’m doing better. After I posted yesterday’s entry. It was going to be a nice post that talked about how I got to do something yesterday that I’d always wanted to do. And it was completely unexpected. When I posted yesterday’s entry I was at Cincinnati State because we’re a one-car family until this weekend and I needed to take Carla into work. For whatever reason traffic was hell leaving, so we came home via the Anderson Ferry. I always love taking the ferry, but they were running the little ferry yesterday.  It’s called Boone No. 7 and I’ve wanted to ride it for years.  It’s old and it doesn’t carry that many cars, so I figured there was no chance.  They typically have two modern ferries running, but for whatever reason they were running Boone No. 7 yesterday. Maybe the other modern ferry is down for maintenance or something.  Anyway, it timed out right and we got to ride the old one.  It was cool. If WordPress doesn’t completely botch it, this is a picture:



Today I smoked a small underblade chuck roast. I want to make sure I have my SmoBoT mojo down for a brisket I want to do soon. I do.


So every thing is cool, right? Nope. Because any gains made today have been completely erased because WordPress pushed out an update that has apparently completely hosed my ability to do a post via iOS using images. This post? I’ve been working on it for more than two hours.

I need to avoid frustration when this is going on. Thanks WordPress. You completely fucked that up. I got a post up today despite you. I’m just going to hit ‘publish’ and hope something happens.

UPDATE FOR NERDS: I had to increase the max_execution_time in php.ini to 120 (from 30). Don’t know if the issue has to do with the WP4.5 update or something that changed on my hosting side.  Either way it’s fixed now.