Carla’s home

The reality is that I don’t do very well when Carla is gone. She’s been gone since Saturday dealing with some issues related to her dad’s health. The good news. — the second best news, really — is that he’s doing well and all the pieces are in place for him to continue to do well. The things that have have caused the problems all year now have a name and it’s something that can be handled. He’s dad again. That’s very, very cool.

I’m going to be selfish and say that the best news is that Carla was able to come home today. As I said, I don’t do very well when she’s gone. If I’ve seen you since Saturday?  Thanks.  I owe you. You’ll never know how much I needed it.

If there is one thing I won’t trade from the last few days is that Mia and I have officially bonded. She’s not afraid of me anymore. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

I’ve tried to always post a picture with my posts. I can’t think of anything that can illustrate my joy. I’m not going to try. My words are going to have to be enough,

Carla’s home. There is nothing better.