An ode to my bar

Carla and I have some travel coming up and chances are I won’t have a chance to get out the laptop and post something thoughtful every day. As if what I post most of the time is all that thoughtful. Anyway, I’ve only used the WordPress mobile app intermittently and I want to get more comfortable with it. 


Me in my natural environment

Since I’ll be posting from where I am at the time the inspiration strikes, I decided to go that route today. So let me wax poetic about my favorite bar, Hebron Brew Haus. 

In many ways it’s just a bar. Pizza. Wings. Various deep-fried appetizerss. All very good. But they also have 22 taps. Only four are macro breweries and one other is usually an Angry Orchard cider. The rotating taps are all over the map, anything from Leinenkugel to Zombie Dust. The thing is there is no pretentiousness allowed. You can come in and get a serious craft beer. You can get a Bud Light. No one’s judging either way. 

The thing that makes Hebron for us is Tuesday nights. It’s buy-one-get-one on craft beer from the rotation taps. Appetizers are half-price before 7 PM. The staff is great. The regulars are great. I really feel like I’m missing something if we have to miss a Tuesday. There were folks missing tonight and I hope they’re ok. We’ll be gone next week. We let TJ the bar manager know so she wouldn’t worry. It’s not a mistake we want to make again. 

It’s just a bar. But it’s my bar. And I’m thankful I have it.