My latest conversation with a gas pump

Do you have a loyalty card?     No

Credit or debit?          Credit

Enter Billing Zip Code:     41005

Would you like a car wash?     No

Would you like a receipt?     No

Would you like to buy a gallon of milk?     No

Would you like a coupon for ice cream?     No

Are you registered to vote in your state?     Yes

Do you still possess a childlike sense of wonder?     No

Are you a patient person?     Yes

We both know that’s not true, don’t we?     Yes

Am I annoying you?     Yes

You’re going to keep answering questions, aren’t you?     No

You’re lying again, aren’t you?     Yes

Don’t you feel better now admitting that?

Please Enter Response:

Please Enter Response:

Please Enter Response:

Credit Card Charged: $142.50.

Thank you and come again.

Please Swipe Loyalty Card or Credit Card.