Living in a fable

We are living in a fable. There is a Trickster seeking power, but he cannot take it. It has to be willingly given. The Trickster believes in nothing but the Trickster. He knows how to say things people want to hear. He knows how to manipulate people’s fear. He knows how to make people do terrible things and deny any involvement. “Reasonable” and “moderate” people pooh-pooh the Trickster. “He won’t last” they say.  But he does. “This will all catch up with him.”  But it doesn’t. “He’s not really serious.”

But he is.

The Trickster does not make complicated judgements. There are people who help him and there are people who oppose him. There is no third group.  Silence is assent. Silence only aids. Silence is the fertilizer that feeds him in the dark and makes him stronger. The moderate and the reasonable are his allies. Their timidity allows him freedom to feed his lies and distortions to those who eagerly want to hear what he is saying.

The Trickster is not alone in his quest. There are other, less skilled, tricksters seeking the same prize. They covet the Trickster’s followers. They want them very much. They will not get them. They do not understand the Trickster’s appeal. The Trickster has given them the drug of What They Want to Hear. It cannot be unheard.

We choose the dreams we live in. We also choose our own nightmares.

Stopping the Trickster takes no violence. Violence feeds the Trickster every bit as well as silence. Better, even.  Chaos and Confusion are his boon companions. As with any fable there is a simple spell that makes it all go away.  A single word.


When the Trickster makes an offer, “no” stops him. The Trickster cannot move beyond “no.”

There’s only one catch, though. It has to be spoken aloud.  So far that has proven to be a very difficult task for many.

“No.” That’s all it takes.

There is still time. But not much. He will tell you you’re wrong to say “no.” That “no” is unfair to him. It is not. It’s why the word exists.

The Trickster cannot take power. It can only be given.

Given by you.

Given by me.

There are people who help him. There are people who oppose him.

There is no other group.

Silence is assent.

Choose your side.


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