I actually wrote a post for Hoperatives

HoperativesLogoWordsIt’s a miracle.  I actually wrote a post for Hoperatives. “Well of course you did,” you say, “you never hesitate to mention you’re a co-owner of it. You certainly say it’s why you hang out at so many breweries.”

Yeah, that’s true.  But since when does that mean I actually put any work into it?

When I said I was going to start writing here every day I wondered how I’d handle beer-related ideas. The funny thing about Hoperatives is that we don’t really think of it as a blog per se. Its job is really to be a clearinghouse for news and events concerning the beer community in Cincinnati. It’s relatively niche in that way.  There are a few folks in town who are writing more traditional opinion/news blogs about beer.  There used to be more, but they keep getting hired by breweries and distributers. The Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Business Courier both cover the beer scene pretty well from a straight news perspective. The TV stations tend to do a pretty good job as well. WLWT WCPO used to have a guy who was quite plugged into the scene, but then a brewery hired him away.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not housebroken enough to be anyone’s full-time employee anymore. I’m all ears if a brewery is looking for somebody to do a project, but I may be the one white guy over 40 who doesn’t want to go work for a brewery full-time. It’d really cut into the time I can hang out in them. Plus I’d have to leave the basement. That means pants.

So anyway, how to handle blog posts that might deal with beer?  Ones like today are a no-brainer. A brewery I really fell in love with on a couple trips to Detroit — Short’s — is coming to the Ohio side of the river. That’s a news story and it belongs on Hoperatives. Lots of beers come into the market all the time, but I don’t always have a personal history with them. I worked that in, but it’s still a Hoperatives story.  On the other hand, beer has played a large enough role in my life to date that it’s bound to come up here now and then. I think, though, that I’ll mostly try to come up with other things to talk about here. I’m really trying to avoid the “hey, I wrote this thing over at Hoperatives, that counts for my post here” type of approach. But is that worse than a haiku?  Not sure.

I don’t know.  Like everything else, I’m making this all up as I go along. Within the confines of this blog, at least, I’m only trying to make me happy.

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