The finest words in any language


“Pitchers and catchers report today.” Is there anything more beautiful?

A few teams actually had their folks report yesterday, but the teams I care about waited until today, so that’s what counts to me. To say I’m looking forward to this season is an understatement. After years of frustration for both of us, it’s nice to know that the idea of Carla’s Cubbies and my Astros meeting in the World Series isn’t laughable. It’s a long season.  Lots of things can happen and I’m not in the habit of making predictions.  It’s just that it’s actually possible.  Possible matters.

Of course I live in Cincinnati Reds country. This is going to be an awful year for them, more than likely.  Possibly historically bad.  Given the rebuilding job they have, it could be three years before they start showing signs of life. It hasn’t been that long since my Astros were going out and losing 100 games in a season,  so I have sympathy for the real fans. It’s going to be hard.

It’s easy to support a team when they’re winning. Real fans support them when they’re losing. Seats are easy to get and you’re never more than half an inning away from seeing a Major League lineup.  Unless the Phillies are in town.

In March I’m going to get to do something I’ve wanted to do ever since I worked at the Astrodome more than 30 years ago. Carla and I are going to Spring Training.

I.  Cannot.  Wait.