To you it’s a meme. To me it’s a post.

Minduka-Music-icon-800pxIt’s 11:20 PM and I still haven’t managed to get a post up today. As a result I’m turning to the lamest of devices. Even lamer than last night’s haiku. A Facebook meme. Forgive me David Foster Wallace for I have sinned.

So my understanding is that you’re supposed to pick 12 music albums that are essential to you, however you want to define that. You’re not supposed to think about it too much, which won’t be a problem for me because the clock is ticking. I can say that these 12 albums are ones I’d hate to be without. If they were the only 12 I had I could probably get by pretty well.

With no further ado and in no particular order:

  • David Byrne Uh Oh
  • Lyle Lovett The Road to Ensanada
  • Nanci Griffith Other Voices, Other Rooms
  • Supertramp Breakfast in America
  • Dire Straits Brothers in Arms
  • OK Go Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
  • Orchéstre Baka de Gbiné Gati Bongo
  • Jonathan Coulton A Thing a Week Three
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic Straight out of Lynwood
  • Various Artists Pearls in the Snow: The Songs of Kinky Friedman
  • Willie Nelson Greatest Hits (and Some That Will Be)
  • The Judys Washarama

I am really going to be glad when this week is over.  Tomorrow’s post might be even more lame.