Breaking: America is pretty much screwed

Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. Read that again. Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. For President. Of the United States. And America is not collectively peeing all over itself in laughter. It’s pretty much a freak show now. If you have to ask me why the subtitle for this blog is “Because the Terrorists Have Already Won” I can’t really explain it to you.

No matter what happens, the next President of the United States will be sworn in one year from today. I’m supporting Bernie Sanders, but if Hillary Clinton winds up being the nominee for the Democrats I’ll vote for her. She’s not my choice going into the primaries, but staying home isn’t an option given the candidates on the other side.

My support for a presidential candidate has been a kiss of death1 for pretty much the entire time since I’ve been voting. Even in the years where the Democrat won, I usually supported someone else earlier in the process. I’ve probably contributed more to the Sanders campaign than I’ve ever contributed to any other campaign, but I really don’t expect this to turn out any different.

Why? Because Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump and it’s being treated as A Very Serious Thing™ by Very Serious People™. She’s a failed half-term governor who has shown no other talent than being able to convince people to send her money while throwing darts at a thesaurus to pick out her children’s names. Her reality show was cancelled. Think about that for a minute. People who watch reality shows didn’t find her appealing. And she’s endorsing the short-fingered vulgarian who’s been divorced three times. That’s twice more than Reagan and one less than the number of times he’s declared bankruptcy. But this endorsement wraps up the evangelical vote for him.

Um … what?

Does anyone really believe that Donald Trump didn’t open the checkbook and write a very big check to get this endorsement? She has a track record of liking money. A lot. He has a track record of spending it like a, well, short-fingered vulgarian.

But somehow this is being treated as a serious thing. I really don’t think he has a chance in hell of winning. It’s the fact that so many people really want him to that scares me. That’s a lot of dead weight for a country to bear. Forget Al-Qaeda. Don’t worry about ISIS. When the history gets written, the cause of death will be listed as suicide.

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump.


1That’s a metaphor Mr. Secret Service guy. Strictly a metaphor. As far as I know every candidate I’ve ever supported has lived a long life after my vote. And I prefer it that way.

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