My Letter to the Governor

I sent this to Gov. Beshear about his support of MoronLand:

I cannot state strongly enough my opposition to the idea that my tax dollars will be going towards the Answers in Genesis theme park.  The State has no business helping to subsidize a religious organization that is promoting a very specific religious message.  The fact that they’re going to sell slushies and sell popcorn and have carny rides is irrelevant.

And before you start talking about “jobs, jobs, jobs,” this park will be necessarily seasonal and will have very few full-time jobs:  that’s the nature of amusement parks.  These will not be jobs that will help families thrive.

Rather than subsidizing a bunch of dead-end low paying job (that makes the State a laughingstock internationally) promoting a world that never existed, why not spend some money on taking Kentucky proudly into the future?

You can do the same.

Are you bothered by my characterizing people who believe in Literal Creationism as “morons?”

Too bad.  They’re morons. And I’m pissed my tax dollars are going to be used to support that religious belief.


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