Using social media to fund a project that teaches kids about social media. Welcome to 2010.

A couple of weeks ago I went out and shot this video for Jim and Zach.  They have this idea of writing a book that teaches kids about social media, and they decided to use Kickstarter to help them to gauge interest. They decided to do a quick 14-day funding window which is exactly halfway finished. And they’ve gotten no takers yet.

I’m not sure the video really does these two guys justice. They’re really funny when they start bouncing ideas off each other and I’m sure the book will be good.  The thing about kids books is that the best ones don’t talk down to the kids. Given how we were screwing around when we were shooting, I think it’s safe to say they’re in touch with their inner 12-year-olds. Nobody’s going to be talking down to anyone.

It’s always been tough being a kid, but it’s really hard now.  When I was a kid I didn’t think my parents could possibly understand the pressures I faced when, in fact, they could and they did. Our childhood situations were different, but the social spaces we inhabited were similar.  Now? Who does a kid go to talk to about problems he or she is having online when the parents may not understand what the heck they’re talking about? We used to joke about things going onto our permanent record because who the hell ever saw it?  Now social media is our permanent record, and parents need some help explaining it all.  

That’s how I understand this project, anyway.  

I hope you can help out. The project’s URL is

Toss them some cash if you can. You’re not on the hook for anything unless the goal is reached.

Full disclosure:  if the project is funded I’ll be compensated a bit for my time doing the video, but I have no other connection to the project. I’m collaborating with Jim on other, unrelated, projects, but this is Zach and Jim’s thing.