The iPhone may not be perfect? Is that legal to write?

Roger Entner, senior vice president for telecommunications research at Nielsen, said the iPhone???s ???air interface,??? the electronics in the phone that connect it to the cell towers, had shortcomings that ???affect both voice and data.??? He said that in the eyes of the consumer, ???the iPhone has the nimbus of infallibility, ergo, it???s AT&T???s fault.??? AT&T does not publicly defend itself because it will not criticize Apple under any circumstances, he said. AT&T and Apple both declined to comment on Mr. Entner???s assessments.

This will certainly be making the rounds on the interwebtubes today. I remember when the iPhone first shipped there were questions about its radio. I don’t remember the specifics and I’m not going to take the time now to try to track down the specific issue. Research isn’t necessary because this is an entirely fact-free issue. It’s not about phones or technololgy or throughput or anything else.

It’s about tribes.

I kind of wish they’d all go away. There are people starving all over the planet right now and your choice of cell phone doesn’t mean a damned thing.

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